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Is any solvent used in spirulina or chlorella?
No, our products are free of solvent.
2019-07-18 00:07
Do the products contain or consist of a genetically modified source (GMO)?
Whether the products ever through the irradiation?
No, we sterilize by steam treatment, never through the irradiation.
2019-07-18 00:06
What is the phycocyanin content in the spirulina?
The phycocyanin content of spirulina is above 10%. Phycocyanin is a natural pigment-protein, and has health efficacy of strong oxidation resistance.
2019-07-18 00:06
What is the environment around the growing areas?
There is no industry, no pollution around growing areas. Clean air, clean water, plenty of sunlight, it is an ideal place to grow algae products.
2019-07-18 00:06
What is the climate of the place of growing algae?
It is typical Temperate Continental Climate, with large temperature difference between day and night, may conductive to the accumulation of nutrients in the algae.
2019-07-18 00:06
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